About Us


accessilife is an online platform dedicated to helping people find everything they need for accessible living, in one place.

accessilife was developed out of necessity. Our youngest child, Mateo, suffered a severe brain injury at birth which resulted in a long list of diagnoses, including epilepsy and spastic-dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Life was turned upside down, and we suddenly had to learn how to support and improve our son's quality of life, as well as our life together as a family.

We quickly realised that Mateo would forever depend on a wide range of accessible products and services for his daily living. We also realised there wasn’t one central resource where we could go to find these products and services, in one single place. Instead, we needed to do a variety of searches across different sources, which was incredibly frustrating, time consuming, and actually quite isolating - it made us feel like we were the only people on earth looking for these things (which was definitely not the case!). 

We knew there had to be a better way. Something that could actually help families like ours, and make their lives easier (rather than more difficult). And that's the reason WHY we created accessilife. 

accessilife is an online marketplace and directory which brings together all the accessible products and services you need (new and pre-loved; regardless of size, value or complexity; whether NDIS funded or not), in one central place.  It's a resource for the millions of people who need accessible products and services for a variety of different reasons, spanning the disability, health and aged care sectors. In simple terms, accessilife recognises the importance and need for all accessibility related products and services, and gives them a special (and central) place where they can be found. 

accessilife has been a labour of love, developed over the past few years in-between countless appointments and hospital admissions. We are proud to share it with you and truly hope that it helps make your life a little bit easier.