Handcycle for wheelchair



LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Dragonfly attachable handcycle for wheelchair. (Wheelchair as seen in photos is included) ............................ Converts your manual wheelchair into an efficient arm-powered speed machine! Go farther, faster, downshift to climb hills, upshift for maximum speed and range. Great exercise and cardio workout strengthening your upper body, reducing the strain on your shoulders and wrists. Maneuverable and easy to control direction even on side slopes. Navigates sidewalks safely and easily with a tight turning radius. Go where you want to go with a large front tire that negotiates obstacles easily with improved stability against tipping forward or backwards. Compatible with virtually all adult and pediatric manual wheelchairs. Fully adjustable to fit every user and uses standard bicycle components making maintenance and customization a snap. TADACT Technology for Ageing and Disability ACT Address: 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT2611