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On 1 February 2021 the Astris Lifecare and Alphacare families joined together to become Alpha Lifecare, combining Australia’s most experienced teams to support our community with a single-minded purpose — to help more people, more often. Or, as we like to say, ‘caring further’. We’re here to help more people more often. To make sure aged care residents can live comfortably in their new home. To make it easier for caregivers to get the tools they need to do what they do best. To take the pressure off hospital professionals with more efficient equipment, and help allied health professionals support their clients living in the community through rehabilitation and recovery to independent living. We want to take care further by helping you find the best solutions for you and your clients, so that we can make a real difference in how Australians live today and in the future. How we help Whether you need a large facility fit-out, AI-enabled monitoring technology, or simple hire equipment to keep things running, we’re here to provide support. We understand the unique needs of the aged care, hospital and homecare environments and our passionate team of specialists can work with you to meet the needs of patients and residents. Our innovative and durable products are ergonomically designed with infection control properties to meet clinical care and compliance requirements, and reduce injury risks and workloads for caregivers. With a large network of local and international partners, we can offer quality solutions and an extensive range of equipment options. Our qualified and experienced service team will take care of ongoing and preventative maintenance, for confident continuity of care.
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5 Millennium Court
Silverwater NSW 2128